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The Group is principally engaged in research and development, manufacture and sale of rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles and related products and provision of related services; the retail and wholesale of luxury brand silverware, silver utensils and luxury goods. 

In the Group’s perspective, benefited from the management vision of vertically-integration and the well-versed research and development professionals and project teams, the Group is exploring different market opportunities and creating economies of scale. The Group believes that our competitive edge mainly derives our ability to provide stable, safe and customised solutions to our various customers. Furthermore, the Group sees the penetration of electric vehicles, especially electric buses, in the transportation industry worldwide is still very low. From year 2018 onwards, the Group will continue to align with the global trend of going green and actively response to any anti-carbon measures and favorable policies to be imposed by the PRC government by putting emphasis on research and development of electric bus models which specifically suits our customers’ needs.